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Meet Myriah, the first subject of “Indigenae”, a celebration of the unique individuals that contribute to the culture of a community.  Myriah was chosen for her special qualities that enhance her surroundings and make a difference in people’s lives.  I was lucky enough to be chosen as the artist to depict her in a way that illustrates her unique qualities.


To begin this project, I interviewed Myriah.  I found out that her favorite colors were burgundy and mustard yellow.  I incorporated these colors in the backgrounds of two of the pieces.  Each painting contains a few strategically placed green lines.  They are used in the painting to remind the viewer that Myriah stands out in a crowd because of her unique beauty and persona.














Johnny Kerr, photographer and son-in-law, helped me capture Myriah’s essence in a photo shoot on a cold wet weekend three months ago.  I love the way the light hits her face and hair.  Myriah has strikingly beautiful features which were important for me to capture.  The colors in her skin and hair have been exaggerated to illustrate the radiance of her unique style.  This series of oil paintings is large, 36 x 48 inches each.  I had to paint them in a way that they would be certainly noticed, just like the real thing!


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